Dream 5

I had a very interesting dream this week. I honestly don’t know what to connect it to because I don’t remember anything that can be connected to it. I will tell you that I have three sisters and a mom and dad.

I was walking on a foggy road, that went downhill, with my family. It was raining, so it was cold. We were walking in a horizontal line with the rain hitting our backs. Then we heard a car and saw the headlights flash down on us. We ran away, but when we were running we got separated. Five of us were on one side of the road and one sister of mine was on the other side of the road. The car braked and you could hear the squealing of rubber on asphalt over the pounding sound of the rain. My family and I were yelling to my sister to sprint across the road. When she decided to sprint the car started and was going full speed again. She pushed herself to go faster. The car was very close, but since it was raining it started to skid. My sister made it to safety. On the other hand, the car didn’t make it to safety.

Image result for cars in rain

Then my dream ended.


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