Dream 6

I really don’t know what could have caused this dream.

I was walking in this place with bright green grass, clear blue skies, and a bright sun. I felt relaxed walking there, having good and happy vibes. When I looked around there was only girls, and I realized that they were in soccer uniforms. Looking down, I realized I was wearing the same uniform. They called me over to them. I walked toward them and we started to take shots at the goal. When we were finished we said our goodbyes and I left. Now I was by the sidewalk waiting to be picked up. Someone rode up on a scooter, and I put my helmet on and sat down. The sun was setting by then, yet it was still bright and it was picture perfect. I rode off into the sunset with whomever was driving the scooter.

Image result for scooter in the sunset

I either woke up or had another dream.



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