Dream 7

I don’t know anything that can relate to my dream besides me having a weird mind.

I was walking with a girl I did not know. We were walking towards a mansion that appeared dark and mysterious. Once we were a few feet from the mansion the wide, red front doors swung open with a slow creaking noise. Out of curiosity the girl and I walked in. What we saw made our jaws drop. In front of us was a maze of stairs. There was stairs twisting and turning and going in all directions imaginable. We both turned when we heard another girl, standing in the dark corner of the room. She said, “Go down those set of stairs.” Her long, pale, and bony finger pointed in the direction of the stairs that spiraled down. Me and the first girl I walked in with walked down the stairs apprehensively. When we got to our destination it was another room filled with a maze of stairs. The same pale girl came out of nowhere. She told us to go down another set of stairs. This happened about nine times until we came to a stop at an inky black door. I opened it an I saw a bright red room with blazing fire coming from the floor. I turned around and only saw the pale girl. For some reason I started to feel the panic rising in me even though nothing bad has happened. The pale girl just watched me with her gray eyes. I turned around again and I saw the girl I walked in with the first time dangling from a rope above the fire. Her mouth was moving, like she was trying to scream, but no noise was coming out. When I saw her I bolted out of the room taking any staircase as I went. Not caring if I got lost, I just wanted to put as much distance between me and that room. Somehow I made it to the top of the stairs. I opened up the doors and there was hundreds of people standing there taking pictures with the flash on. I felt blinded. I kept running until I realized that the swat team was there. I explained everything that happened and they told me that people who go in never come out. We decided that I would lead them to the room. We got to the room with fire and the pale girl was gone. My friend was standing there, paralyzed with fear. The swat team took her away, and I followed them. Slowly my friend started turning into the pale girl. I stared in horror. One by one the swat team started to disappear before me. The pale girl turned and faced me. Then she started to transform into me. I pushed her and ran. I went up endless staircases but I made it to the front door. I opened it and the pale girl was there. She didn’t scare me, the fact that I ended up in the room with fire did.

I woke up or had another dream.

Related image Image result for dark scary mansion in the woods


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