Dream 9

This dream happened a week ago, but I remembered it because it was really weird. During that week I was having an “eventful” time at school. That is the only issue that could correlate to my dream.

All the fireworks were so loud. The clowns jumped up and down and they laughed hysterically. Then elephants came walking out from behind the blood red curtains. All I could think was how did I end up in this crazy circus. The clowns kept moving towards me. I backed up into this girl. She looked at me and then grabbed my hand. We sprinted to her car with the clowns and elephants following closely behind.  I climbed into her car and she started to speed away. We got onto the freeway but she did not slow down. Instead she sped up. Then she went up a ramp that led to a bridge. She was going really fast on the turns so I told her to slow down. Once again she did not slow down. We were on another bridge but this time when she was turning our car flew off the bridge. When we were about to hit the ground I jumped out of the car. The car exploded into millions of pieces. When I turned to see if the girl was okay, the car pieces were gone and in their place was a pokeball. I walked towards it with caution. I picked it up and then threw it. When it landed, there was a bright light that came out.

Image result for freeway bridge


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