Dream 10

I have been stressed for some time now. So maybe that is why I had his dream. I am stressed and it is leading to anxiety for me. Other than that, I might just put random images together when I sleep.

I was walking through my house and turned the corner when this man wearing all yellow stood in front of me. He slowly moved his hand to his pocket and was about to pull out a silver gun. I kicked him, turned on my heel, and then ran for the stairs. When I got to the second floor I knocked on everyone’s bedroom door. We all ran to my sisters room. The man in yellow was close behind us. When we all got in and locked the door the man in the yellow crashed against it with all his strength. I had locked it on time. Then a lot of time passed and my family and I needed food and water. So my sister opened the door and right when she looked out, the man in the yellow grabbed her and started pulling her downstairs. He opened the microwave and was about to put her head in it, but I jumped on top of him and was kicking him and pulling on his hair. He fell to the ground so I yanked on my sister’s arm. We bolted up the stairs with the man in the yellow following closely. I pushed her into the room and tried locking the door but it was stiff and I could not lock it. Every second I took trying to lock the door meant there was one step closer for the man to get to us. I was starting to cry of frustration because I knew if I did not lock the door the man would kill all of us and it would be my fault. I still could not lock the door and the man was a step away….

Then I woke up.

yellow man.jpg


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