Dream 11

I researched an action that I did in my latest dream. I was flying through the sky. When you fly in a dream there are positive and negative points of view. I am going to take the positive point of view this time. Me flying in my dream can indicate me having control over my life and emotions right now.

I was walking down the neighborhood street around six o’clock. The air was warm but still had a fresh breeze. I saw a crowd of people running towards me. I was confused as to why they were running. Then I understood when they were a few yards away. They were not people. They were zombies. My first reaction was to sprint in the other direction, but after awhile they were catching up to me. I turned to jump and climb a car so that they would not be able to reach me. Instead of jumping and climbing the car I jumped and started flying. I was flying over and away from the zombies. Once I was high enough that the zombies would not reach me I felt calm and collected. I kept flying towards the white, fluffy clouds.

Then I had another dream or I woke up.

dream clouds


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