Wisdom Tug-of-War

I was always told to disregard my dreams. My sisters said that they do not mean anything. Then I actually wanted to find out if they meant something. A lot of my dreams are dark (symbolically). So that is why I always wanted to see if there was meaning to my dreams. In order to keep me on the right path, I had researched some signs in my dreams. Image result for curiousFor example, in one of my latest dreams I saw a man wearing yellow. I looked this up and on one website it meant that I was aware of negative thinking patterns in myself. But instead of thinking negatively all the time I decided to see the positive affects of yellow in my dream.Image result for knowledge In the same website, the positive side would be me being lucky or me having good experiences. I slowly realized that some, not all, of my dreams can have meaning that correlates to my waking world. So now I try to remember anything significant that happens in my dreams, and I hope that those signs will help me understand certain situations in some way, when I am awake.


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